Commercial Heating and Cooling Installation in Tucson, AZ

At B&J Refrigeration, we are committed to helping local businesses in and around Tucson, AZ to stay comfortable year-round. We have been serving our community since 1970, and we have earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable, efficient, and high-quality commercial HVAC companies in Southern Arizona. Our longevity and repeat clients come from treating our customers with respect and always being up-front about the costs of installing a heating and air conditioning unit. We offer expert HVAC installation and maintenance.

The Importance of Installing a New HVAC System

We know that there’s a lot that goes into moving business locations, starting a new business, and opening a new location for your business. You might think that you can keep the old HVAC system that was installed by the previous building owner; however, installing a new commercial heating and cooling unit will actually save you money in the long-term. Hiring a commercial HVAC company to install a new heating and air conditioning unit should be built into the start-up costs associated with purchasing your new building, for these reasons:

  • Reduced maintenance costs over time.
  • Better performance.
  • Energy savings when you choose an energy-efficient commercial heating and cooling system.
  • Inclusion of a preventative maintenance plan to extend the life of your commercial heating and air conditioning unit, further reduce maintenance costs, and ensure it’s operating as efficiently as possible.
  • Enhanced temperature control.
  • Improved indoor air quality, which reduces allergens and irritants in the air that could affect the health of employees and customers.
  • You’ll be adding a more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious commercial HVAC system.
  • Take advantage of smart thermostats, remote temperature control, and programmable thermostats.
  • Take advantage of extended warranties to protect your investment.

 Warehouse Heating and Cooling System Installation by Professional Caucasian Technician.

Installing a New HVAC System Benefits the Company, Employees, & Customers

A new commercial heating and cooling system not only benefits you and your company, it also adds to employee and customer satisfaction. Customers will be more likely to stay and browse longer, and spend more money, if the store environment is temperature-controlled and comfortable. Having a commercial HVAC company install a new HVAC unit also benefits your employees. By improving the indoor air quality and making the work environment more comfortable, employees are less likely to get ill and call out sick.

Our HVAC Installation Process

To get started, just call us to request an appointment with one of our technicians, who will come to your business to do an initial assessment, discuss zoning systems, and talk to you about your needs. We will then put together a quote for services. A worker or an engineer checks the operation of the heating system in a room with engineering communications in an apartment building.If you accept our quote, we will schedule a time for one of our experienced, NATE-certified technicians to begin the installation process. We work safely and efficiently and will not disrupt your normal business practices; however, you may experience some company down time during the installation process. If you have an existing HVAC system, we will discuss the process for removing and disposing of it before beginning installation of the new system. Once your system is installed, we will fully test it to ensure everything works perfectly, and that you’re 100% happy with our services. You can then enroll in our Preventative Maintenance Program, which offers regularly scheduled routine HVAC maintenance that covers inspections and repairs that extend the life of your HVAC unit, maintain its energy-efficiency, reduce your energy costs, and ensure your system remains powerful and effective.

Ready to Learn More About Our Commercial Heating Installation?

If you’re ready to learn more about how a new commercial heating and cooling installation in Southern Arizona can benefit your business, just call us today. We offer energy-efficient HVAC systems, professional and reliable installation services, exceptional customer services, and 24/7 servicing of our HVAC systems. Ask us about our Preventative Maintenance Program and how it can save you even more money over time! Just call us today at (520) 355-4857 or fill out our online contact form. B & J remains committed to being your go-to expert in Southern Arizona!