Tips for Improving Energy Efficiency at Your Business

If you want to embrace a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, don’t limit your changes to home. Businesses are on the front lines of the battle for a greener planet, thanks to the amount of energy they consume. If your business becomes more energy efficient, it could have a drastic impact on the planet. Improving your energy efficiency at your business could be easier and more affordable than you think. This advice will help.

Set Small Goals for Employees to Follow

Small changes can add up to big gains in energy efficiency. Your goals can start out as small as requiring everyone to turn off the lights in rooms that aren’t in use or turning off their computers at night. The trick is setting the goals and then tracking the compliance with them, as well as their impacts on your overall energy usage. You should also hold employees accountable for following new rules that are designed to boost efficiency. You can both use rewards for your team when certain benchmarks are met and include compliance with energy efficient guidelines in employee reviews.

Invest in HVAC Maintenance

Your office’s HVAC system is responsible for a large chunk of your energy usage. When it is not well maintained, it will often use even more energy than it would otherwise need, further increasing your energy demands. Regular system checkups and maintenance will ensure that your HVAC functions as efficiently as possible, which in turn will minimize your energy usage. Likewise, ensure you make any HVAC repairs as soon as possible to maintain the efficiency of the system.

Replace Outdated Devices

From appliances to printers and computers, every outdated device in your business is likely to be using more energy than newer models. Replacing them will improve your energy usage and may even make your business more efficient in other ways as well.

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