Wine Room Refrigeration Services in Tucson, AZ

Wine Room Installation & Refrigeration Repair Services

If you have long wanted a wine cellar installed in your home but don’t have a basement, you now have an alternative: a wine room. Installing a wine room allows you to keep your wine stored at optimal temperature and humidity using complex, state-of-the-art refrigeration services, temperature control devices, and humidity controls. At B&J Refrigeration, we love customers who love wine! We have extensive experience configuring and installing dedicated rooms to house and protect our customers’ wine collections. Call us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help with wine room climate control and refrigeration services in Tucson, AZ.

What is a Wine Room?wine cellar

Most people are familiar with wine cellars, which have historically been built in basements to take advantage of the cool, dark environment. However, in many areas of the country, including Arizona, homes are traditionally built without basements. Building a wine room allows you to create the optimal environment to store your wine, even if you don’t have a basement. A wine room is a fully customized room or display case that can be installed anywhere in your home. They typically have glass doors and accent lighting to make your collection visible and easy to peruse. Wine rooms are different from a simple beverage cooler or refrigerator. They have precisely calibrated temperature controls that ensure the optimal temperature and humidity level at all times.

A wine room is not just a safe, temperature-controlled space to protect and store your wine. It is also a sleek, contemporary showcase that allows you to display your collection and highlight your impeccable taste. A wine room can be installed in a prominent space in your home, like a dining room or living room, and coordinated to complement the lighting design, color scheme, and overall aesthetic of your home.

The Importance of Temperature & Humidity Control in Wine Rooms

The most important aspect of a wine room is its temperature control. Wine rooms require precise lighting, refrigeration, and humidity control to preserve the taste, quality, and value of your wine collection. Wine is best stored in low light at 55 degrees Fahrenheit in 65-75% humidity. It should be kept away from finished, off-gassing wood as well as direct sunlight and heat sources. Storing wine can affect its aging process and taste, so it’s crucial to store wine properly rather than just keeping it in boxes, on shelves, or in your refrigerator. Because wine rooms can be built in any size, shape, or configuration, some customers think they can get by with using standard refrigeration services in the design and construction. In reality, wine rooms of all sizes need temperature and humidity control features that are precisely calibrated, regularly measured, and easily adjustable.

The Basics of Wine Room Installation

When installing a wine room in your home, you will first need to consider how large you want your wine room to be. In some cases, we can turn an existing room into a wine room. Because Tucson gets so hot in the summer, and is sunny almost year-round, it’s crucial to choose the right location for your wine room and ensure it has a carefully calibrated independent cooling system. We do not recommend using aromatic woods like pine or cedar, as they can affect your wine’s flavor. We also don’t recommend cherry, oak, or poplar—these absorb moisture and could cause a mold or mildew problem. When you have assessed your space, evaluated your needs and goals, and determined the best location and size for your wine room, you can begin construction:

  • Frame the walls and ceiling.
  • Insulate the room to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Install a vapor barrier to control humidity and prevent mold.
  • Cover the walls and ceiling with drywall followed by paint, faux-wood paneling, or faux stone.
  • Install the flooring, but never use carpeting!
  • Install exterior-grade doors with weather stripping and a bottom sweep.
  • Only use double-pane tempered glass.

When these steps are complete, our team will be ready to install your climate-control system. We will conduct a heat-load analysis to determine what size equipment your wine room needs. We will determine if you would benefit most from a through-the-wall system, split system, or ducted system.

Learn More About Installation & Configuration of Wine Rooms

If you’re interested in learning more about the installation and configuration of wine rooms in Tucson, AZ contact us today at B&J Refrigeration. We specialize in wine room refrigeration services and wine room refrigeration repair. We’re happy to consult with you on your humidity and temperature control needs as you design and build your custom wine room. Call us today or contact us online to get started.