Commercial Refrigeration Installation in Tucson, AZ

Trusted Commercial Refrigeration Installation

When it comes time for a commercial refrigeration installation, the experts at B & J Refrigeration are Tucson’s leading refrigeration professionals, offering an array of quality commercial refrigeration installation services to suit a range of operational needs. Whether you’re looking to build a custom refrigeration system or replace your current unit, B & J Refrigeration is here to facilitate the process.
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Types of Commercial Refrigeration Units

Different business types require different refrigeration units, that’s why at B & J Refrigeration, we offer a vast selection of commercial refrigeration installation services to satisfy varying needs from supermarket systems and restaurant units to laboratory refrigeration, and beyond. Our professionals are equipped to install a range of units, including:

  • Glycol Chillers: Ideal for breweries, wineries, restaurants, and bars, these units offer advanced refrigeration technology with maximum energy efficiency.
  • Lab Refrigeration Units: These systems are specially designed to store and preserve an array of medical samples and specimens.
  • Walk-In Refrigeration and Freezer Units: These standalone units offer enhanced cooling power with ample storage space to preserve various foods and beverages.
  • Refrigerated Prep Tables: These units enable you to store ingredients at the appropriate temperature while awaiting preparation.
  • Under-Counter Refrigeration Units: These compact refrigerators fit underneath counter spaces to provide convenient access to temperature sensitive product.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration System

Choosing the right commercial refrigeration system is essential to the performance of your operations. A refrigeration unit for a laboratory is vastly different than one for restaurant food storage. Therefore, when assessing your options, consider several key factors, including what the unit will be used for, the capacity, the sizing requirements for your space, and the temperature specifications needed to safely store your products without spoilage.
Refrigeration chamber with steel shelves in a restaurant

The Risks of Insufficient Commercial Refrigeration Installation

Whether you choose the wrong refrigeration system for your business or trust the wrong person to perform your commercial refrigeration installation, the results can be costly and hazardous. A poorly installed refrigeration system can result in wasted inventory and lost profits as well as safety risks and industry compliance issues.

Furthermore, an insufficient refrigeration system can wreak havoc on your bottom-line, leaving you with expensive energy bills and costly repairs and maintenance fees to restore the function of your refrigeration unit. Fortunately, you can mitigate these burdens by choosing B & J Refrigeration for your commercial refrigeration installation.

Professional Commercial Refrigeration Services With B & J Refrigeration

At B & J Refrigeration, we take pride in providing quality commercial refrigeration installation services since 1970. Our knowledgeable service professionals work with you to determine the most effective unit for your business based on your business’s unique demands, and perform unrivaled installation services to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Additionally, we offer continued support with our trusted commercial refrigeration maintenance and refrigeration repair services to ensure your unit continues to add value to your business without unforeseen downtime and costly disruptions.

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Your business’s refrigeration demands are a top priority. When you need dedicated refrigeration services, you need the professionals at B & J Refrigeration in Tucson, AZ. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your commercial property’s unique needs and schedule a consultation for your commercial refrigeration installation service!