Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance in Tucson, Arizona

Industry Leading Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance in Tucson, Arizona

Whether your business relies on a walk-in refrigeration unit or a laboratory refrigeration unit, your equipment’s performance heavily influences your business’s productivity. When refrigeration units fail, you may face costly expenditures that are not budgeted into your monthly expenses. Minimize operational downtime with a preventive maintenance business contract with B & J Refrigeration.

Our Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Our customizable preventive maintenance contracts embody the components of general commercial refrigeration maintenance without the hassle of scheduling appointments on an as-needed basis. Our refrigeration experts can thoroughly inspect refrigerant levels, check lines for condensation, inspect the fan motor, identify loose electrical components, check temperature and defrost settings, and clean evaporator and condenser coils, fan blades, and drain lines.

Commercial Refrigeration Units

There are several types of commercial refrigeration units, and at B & J Refrigeration, we’re equipped to service them all—including restaurant refrigeration solutions, such as walk-in refrigeration and freezer units, refrigerated prep tables, and under-counter refrigerator drawers, as well as glycol chillers and various laboratory units. Our professionals have the skills and know-how to keep your units in top shape.

Signs That Your Commercial Refrigeration System Needs Maintenance

There are a few common signs that indicate your commercial refrigeration unit needs maintenance, including:

  • Faulty doors or lights
  • Signs of mold
  • Loose or hanging door seals
  • Foggy windows
  • Rust
  • Noisy operation
  • Leaks

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

With all the essential components of running a business, commercial refrigeration maintenance often falls low on the priority list. When a business encounters a refrigeration malfunction, it can quickly become detrimental, resulting in repairs, lost products, health department fines, heightened energy costs, and operational halts, taking a severe toll on your bottom line.

The Benefits of Preventive Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Rather than waiting for a problem to arise, pursuing a preventive commercial refrigeration maintenance plan with B & J Refrigeration offers you the convenience of quick, reliable, and comparably inexpensive service, fully stacked with unparalleled benefits for your business.

Save on Energy

Damaged or malfunctioning parts within your commercial refrigeration system may result in excessive energy use. Commercial refrigeration maintenance covers inspection needs, helping to identify faulty parts before they drain your wallet. Our technicians strive to maximize efficiency for your unit and operations.

Prevent Waste

If you encounter an unexpected repair, there is a lot at stake. The time it takes to find a reliable technician and diagnose the issue can cost your business money and lead to food waste or damaged medical samples. Ensuring your business has a dedicated maintenance service allows you to prepare for interference, giving you time to find alternative storage for your product, inform customers of the disruption, and budget accordingly.

Increased Lifespan

Male chef cook with clipboard doing inventory in restaurant kitchen fridge

The extended usage and longevity of your commercial refrigeration equipment depend on the care you put into your unit. By regulating the maintenance of your commercial refrigeration system and promptly handling any problems, you solidify a longer lifespan for your machine.

Enhanced Safety

For businesses handling food, the freshness and quality of your product directly rely on the functionality and efficiency of your refrigeration system. Medical companies must ensure that their refrigerated supplies are safe and usable. Therefore, a maintained refrigeration unit is critical to enhancing the safety of your business and keeping your product secure.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance You Can Count On

You can rest assured that your business is in the best hands when you choose the NATE-certified experts at B & J Refrigeration for your commercial refrigeration maintenance. We serve commercial refrigeration customers with unwavering devotion ensuring their units maintain optimal performance for the long haul. Contact our friendly team to discuss your preventive maintenance today.