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Residential Central Heating From B & J Refrigeration

Whether you need a brand-new heating system or simply a repair to your central heating, our team can make sure your home stays toasty warm throughout the winter. Our NATE® certified technicians install, maintain, and repair heat pumps and furnaces. The team at B & J Refrigeration in Tucson, AZ, has many years of experience providing top-rated installation and service for all types of cooling and heating systems. We’re sticklers for details, so you can depend on us to make sure any new systems are the right size for your home and are installed with maximum efficiency in mind. We also work with architects, general contractors, and homeowners to supply full support for the layout and design of custom homes’ mechanical systems.

If your system needs service, we’ll respond promptly. We also provide 24-hour emergency service if you have an urgent issue. We find that many problems can be avoided with regular maintenance checks, and our Residential Preventive Maintenance contracts provide twice yearly visits from one of our techs. Contact us to learn more, or to schedule your furnace tune up.

Why Do I Need a Heating System in Tucson, AZ?

If you’ve recently moved to Arizona from an area where winter brings snow and sub-freezing temperatures, you might wonder why you need heat at all in sunny Tucson. While it’s true that you won’t need to shovel piles of snow during a Tucson winter, the temps still get chilly at night. During December, January, and February, average daytime highs hover around or just under 70°F, with nighttime lows close to 40°F. People from northern areas that routinely experience sub-zero conditions may be tempted to think such mild weather requires nothing more than a heavy coat or an extra blanket, but an effective heater is a much better solution. Do you really want to spend all night huddled under a pile of blankets and get up to a house that’s just a few degrees above freezing? And while the winter weather in this desert city is generally moderate, temperatures also periodically fall to below freezing. With that level of cold, not only can people suffer from the low temperature, your home’s various systems are also negatively impacted. Efficient, effective heating systems protect homes and provide people with a comfortable environment, no matter where you live.

B & J Refrigeration can help keep your central heating or furnace running like new, and if you’re living in a Tucson home that doesn’t have sufficient heating, contact us to learn about your options for a new system.

Call B & J Refrigeration For Your Heating Service

In Southern Arizona, B & J Refrigeration has been helping residential and commercial customers since 1970. Our highly trained and certified technicians know how to install, repair, and maintain most types of cooling and heating systems, and we partner with leading brands to ensure our customers have the best heating options for their home or business. If you’re interested in replacing an outdated central heating system, making repairs to an existing unit, or signing up for regular maintenance on your furnace or central heater, contact us today.