Boiler & Chiller Service in Tucson, AZ

Quality, Fast Service of Boilers & Chillers in Tucson, AZ

At B&J Refrigeration, we have over 50 years of experience providing service and maintenance of boilers and chillers in Tucson, AZ and throughout Southern Arizona. We can inspect, maintain, and repair commercial and residential boilers and chillers. Our technicians have years of experience and can quickly diagnose the problem with your boiler or chiller system and get your home or business back to a comfortable temperature as soon as possible. 

We also handle repairs and maintenance of specialty chillers, like glycol chillers. We are committed to maintaining our customers’ comfort, and we believe everyone should have access to safe, affordable, and reliable heating and cooling services. If you think you have a problem with your boiler or chiller, just call us today or contact us online. We also operate a 24-hour emergency heating and cooling services line with live dispatchers. 

Learn About Boilers & Chillers

Here’s a quick look at what boilers and chillers are:

  • BoilerA boiler is a heating system that can be installed in a home, office, commercial building, warehouse, barn, or anywhere else that has access to a fuel source. Boilers use heated or vaporized fluid (typically water or glycol) to generate and distribute heat. A boiler can either distribute steam from room to room via pipes and steam radiators or move hot water through baseboard radiators or radiant heating systems. Boiler systems can also heat the air directly with a coil. A boiler can be powered by natural gas, oil, or propane to heat up the water or glycol.
  • ChillerA chiller is a cooling system that cools air by circulating a liquid (usually water) that has been cooled by a refrigerant. These appliances can be installed in homes, buildings, factories, and connected to appliances like equipment, refrigerators, and other cooling devices. Chillers remove heat by circulating a heat-absorbing refrigerant through vapor-compression. The cooled liquid is then distributed through pipes in a home or building, and coils in an air handler, through units that dehumidify the air. 

How Boilers & Chillers Improve Comfort in Commercial Properties

Your commercial property needs a specialized heating and cooling system that is customized to the building layout, size, use, and age. A commercial boiler and chiller is a great option for heating and cooling a commercial property of any size. A commercial chiller is a device that uses water or glycol to remove heat from an area. It draws heat into it and then exhausts the heat outside. A boiler heats water or glycol up and transfers the heat through the air handlers and vents. Boiler and chiller systems are much more efficient than other heating and cooling systems. They don’t need to run as long to improve the temperature in the building, and so they use less energy and cost less money to operate. The distribution of heat from a boiler is also much more even than other heating systems. They are also very cost-effective–with proper care and maintenance, boilers and chillers can operate safely and efficiently for decades before needing replacement. 

Watch for Signs You Need Boiler & Chiller Service

If you notice any of these early warning signs that you need boiler and chiller repair services, you can save yourself time and money by calling us right away:

  • Your unit is over 15 years old.
  • Your maintenance costs keep increasing.
  • Your energy bills are going up.
  • It’s getting harder and harder to find replacement parts.
  • The system is hard to operate, won’t stay on, or cycles on and off rapidly.
  • The unit is making loud or strange noises.
  • The unit is iced over, leaking, rusted, or corroded.
  • Condensation is building up on or inside of the unit.
  • The motor is always running.
  • You keep finding puddles of water near the unit.
  • Your filters are clogged.
  • The heating process is slow.
  • There are strange smells near the unit, like burning, mold, mildew, or rotten eggs.

Explore Our Heating & Cooling Services

We specialize in heating and cooling services for homes and businesses throughout Southern Arizona. We have been a trusted name in our community since 1970, and we are committed to providing the highest level of heater and air conditioner services at affordable prices. We install, repair, inspect, and maintain:

  • Boilers & chillers (including glycol chillers)
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Commercial walk-ins and refrigerators
  • Air conditioners
  • Split system AC
  • Ductless mini-split cooling
  • Heat pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • Humidifiers
  • UV air purification
  • Pool heaters

Schedule Boiler & Chiller Services in Tucson, AZ

If you’re ready to schedule boiler and chiller services in Tucson, AZ call us today at B&J Refrigeration. We take pride in helping homeowners and businesses improve the efficiency of their heaters and air conditioners. We can help your business stay comfortable and improve your services by upgrading your boiler or chiller, or offering professional boiler and chiller repair and maintenance services. Call us today or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We also operate a 24-hour emergency services dispatch line. 


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