Why Your Electric Bill Is So High (And What to Do About It)

If you’ve been living in Southern Arizona for a while, you probably already know that you should expect higher electric bills in the summer when it’s time to turn on the air conditioner. However, an unexpected and sharp rise in your electricity costs is still not something you want to see—at any time of year. If you’ve just received a shocking bill, here are a few possible causes and tips for correcting the problem.

You’ve got an older electric furnace.
Do you have an older electric furnace, perhaps from the 80s? If so, they can be very expensive to operate. They’ve come along way since then! If you do have an older furnace, you might consider replacing it with a newer heat pump or gas furnace. If you aren’t quite ready to make the switch yet, be sure to check the air filter regularly and keep it clean. This will improve the furnace’s energy efficiency.

Your HVAC system needs maintenance. 
Any HVAC system that has not gotten regular seasonal maintenance will not operate at full efficiency. You should schedule seasonal visits from your local HVAC professional in the fall and the spring to change filters, clean ductwork, and replace any worn out parts in your furnace and AC units. 

You are adjusting the thermostat too high or too low. 
If your system is modern and well maintained and you’re still seeing high energy bills, you may need to adjust your thermostat settings. In the summer, aim to set the thermostat no lower than 78 degrees Fahrenheit. 68 degrees is the optimal furnace temperature for maintaining energy efficiency in the winter. 

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