Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

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There’s nothing quite like stepping into a cool, comfortable house after being out in the hot sun all day. But if your air conditioner is on the fritz, the pleasant anticipation of cooling down can quickly turn into frustration. There are a number of reasons why your AC might not be blowing cold air. A heating and cooling technician can diagnose the problem and perform prompt repairs to make your home comfortable again.

Clogged Condensate Drain Lines

As an air conditioner runs, condensation builds up on the evaporator coils. It forms water droplets, which go into the drip pan. The contents of the drip pan are then removed via the condensate drain lines. If the condensate drain lines are clogged, the performance of the AC can be negatively affected. Other potential signs of a clogged condensate drain line includes a full drip pan, standing water, a moldy smell, and indications of water damage in the home. Getting your AC serviced at least once per year by a heating and cooling technician will help prevent condensate drain line problems, as the technician will clean the lines to eliminate obstructions.

Dirty Air Filter

One of the most common reasons for poor air conditioner performance is a dirty air filter. Air filters can get clogged with debris surprisingly fast. As the debris builds up, it blocks the air flow and prevents the home from cooling down. Ask your technician how often you should replace or clean the air filter.

Air Duct Leak

If you live in an older home, it’s possible that your air conditioning malfunction is due to an air duct leak. Older air ducts may start to leak when they become unsealed or loose insulation. Other signs of an air duct leak may include higher utility bills, uneven cooling throughout the home, and excessive dust in the house.

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