When You Can (and Can’t) Use Evaporative Cooling in Arizona

Swamp coolers, which provide evaporative cooling, are markedly different from central air conditioners. Air conditioners work by removing heat and humidity from indoor air and expelling the heat energy outdoors. In contrast, swamp coolers work by exposing indoor air to a series of water-soaked pads. The air chills as it absorbs moisture, and this chilled air is then pushed back into the home to make it more comfortable. For Arizona residents, it’s helpful to have both types of cooling systems, as both offer advantages during different times of the year.

When to Use Evaporative Cooling in Arizona

In Arizona during the spring and fall, it isn’t quite hot enough yet to justify turning on the central AC. These seasons are the perfect times to rely on a swamp cooler. Evaporative cooling will also add moisture to the air, which helps make the home more comfortable during these times of year. Using evaporative cooling during the spring and fall doesn’t require as much energy as a central AC, and so Arizona residents can keep their utility bills low. An added benefit of using evaporative cooling is that the maintenance costs tend to be less compared to central AC maintenance costs.

When Not to Use Evaporative Cooling in Arizona

As soon as monsoon season hits in Arizona and daily high temps climb over 100, the air becomes far more humid. Since evaporative cooling works by introducing more moisture to the air, swamp coolers aren’t as effective during this season. This is why Arizona residents are best served by switching off the swamp cooler during the summer and instead relying on their central air conditioners.

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