What Are the Uses of Cryogenic Technology?

The term cryogenics is used to describe the way that sub freezing temperatures affect the characteristics of metals, gases, and other substances. If you work in the medical or engineering fields, chances are that you may use cryogenic refrigeration for one or more purposes in your work. Cryogenic technology, in fact, has many different applications across many industries. Let’s take a look at how cryogenic technology is used today.  

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Today’s scientists use cryogenic spectrometers to evaluate the behavior and characteristics of elements on an atomic level. When cryogenically frozen magnets are placed in a NMR spectrometer, they will dramatically affect the magnetic fields of nearby atoms. By using superconductors that are equipped with cryogenic technology, scientists are making amazing discoveries about the world that we live in.

Magnetic Resonance Imagery

If you have ever visited the doctor for an MRI scan, you can thank cryogenic technology for your results. During an MRI, cryogenically frozen magnets are used to create detailed images of certain parts of the human body. These magnets are located deep within the imaging system of the MRI machine. Cryogenic technology has advanced modern medicine by allowing doctors to get a glimpse of the insides of their patients.

Frozen Food

Cryogenic technology also has uses that are completely unrelated to the scientific or medical fields. One of the most common applications of cryogenic technology is in the preparation of frozen food for transport. Using cryogenic technology, food processing plants can put large amounts of frozen food into a deep freeze. Cryogenic freezing allows companies to ship their frozen goods across long distances, all over the world.

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