Surprising Things That Force Your AC to Work Harder

Central air conditioning units always seem to break down at the worst possible times—right in the midst of a scorching heat wave. Spare your family the discomfort by taking good care of your AC unit all year-round. Additionally, you should call your HVAC technician promptly if your AC unit seems to be working harder than usual to maintain a comfortable air temperature.

Changing the Filter Annually
You probably already know that you should schedule a maintenance appointment for your air conditioner every year. But your filter probably needs to be changed more frequently than this. If you’re running your central AC constantly, it may need a new filter once per month. Otherwise, a new filter every three months should be sufficient.

Frequently Adjusting the Thermostat
Talk to your AC technician about installing a digital thermostat that can automatically lower the temperature during the hours when your family is home, and elevate it when you aren’t. This can help cut down on frequent thermostat adjustments, which usually happen when different family members change the temperature without consulting each other. Your AC is forced to work harder when the temperature is frequently turned up and down, and back up again.

Having Old Windows
Your windows might not seem related to your central AC unit. But actually, if you have old, drafty windows, they can indeed force your AC to work harder and potentially shorten its lifespan. A poorly weatherized home has air leaks that let the hot outdoor air in and trigger your AC to work overtime. If your windows aren’t Energy Star rated, consider getting a quote to replace them. After the initial investment, the new windows will result in long-term cost savings.

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