How Summer Thunderstorms Can Affect Your Air Conditioner

Summer thunderstorms can be fun to watch if you don’t mind thunder and lightning, but they might not be great for your air conditioner. There are different types of summer storms, and some are more dangerous than others for your unit. Read on to find out what you can do and who can help when a thunderstorm affects your AC.

Types of Storm Damage

The summertime tends to bring around more storms, but they’re not always the same kinds of storms. While you shouldn’t run into any problems when you use your air conditioner during a rainstorm, a thunderstorm may be a different story. Thunderstorms tend to come with lightning, which can affect the electricity in your house. If you have your air conditioner plugged in and turned on during a thunderstorm and lightning strikes your home or nearby power line, you could end up frying your unit.

What to Do with Your Unit

Some people think that their air conditioners will be fine during a thunderstorm because they have surge protectors, but this is not necessarily the case. A lightning strike can happen too quickly for your surge protector to catch up, so it’s best to keep your air conditioner unplugged until the storm passes.

Who to Talk to About Repairs

If your air conditioner does become damaged as a result of a thunderstorm, you should know where to turn. Your air conditioning professional can come over and look at your unit to see if it’s fully totaled or worth repairing. It’s a good idea talk to your repair professional sooner rather than later, so you can stay comfortable through the rest of the summer.

Has a summer thunderstorm taken its toll on your air conditioner? Feel free to contact B&J Refrigeration or check out our website. As a professional air conditioning service in Tucson, we can assess the damage and help you figure out what to do next. Call us at (520) 308-6722 for more information.