Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your AC

An air conditioner is a vital piece of equipment during the sweltering summer months. If you live in Tucson and you are concerned that your air conditioning system may be on its way out, now is a terrific time to contact your air conditioning service professionals. With professional services, you can learn whether your AC need to be replaced in the coming months. Here is a closer look at some signs that you need to repair or replace your AC system.

Ineffective Cooling

One of the top signs that your AC system needs to be repaired or replaced is when it is no longer able to cool your home or commercial building. An AC unit that is functioning properly will send a steady amount of cool air to every room or area of your property. Many times, ineffective cooling is the first sign that an AC system is about to go out.

Excess Moisture

In order to determine whether your air conditioner needs to be replaced, your technician may take a look at the condition of your outdoor condenser unit. A properly functioning condenser will have the ability to cool down your home’s air, without creating excess moisture or condensation. Condensation around the base of your condenser is a warning sign that you need a new system.

Unusual Noises

Your AC unit may also tell you when it is in need of a replacement. When a fully functional air conditioner is in operation, it will run smoothly and quietly. Clanks, bangs, rattles, and squeals could all indicate that your air conditioner is about to die.
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