Should You Ditch the Evaporative Cooler?

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459903291An evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler, cools incoming air by passing the air over water, which cools the air via evaporation. Alternatively, air conditioning passes air over a set of coils, which remove heat and humidity to cool the air. While both systems can cool your home, there are certain pros and cons to each. Your Tucson heating and cooling service can help you determine whether you should keep or replace your evaporative cooler with a traditional air conditioning system.

Evaporative Cooler Pros

Evaporative coolers add rather than remove humidity from the air as they cool it. This can be beneficial in dry climates like Tucson’s. Air that is too dry can cause dry eyes, dry skin, and chapped lips, as well as cause some materials in your home (such as wood) to warp or crack. Additionally, the cost of purchasing, installing, and running a swamp cooler is generally lower than that of a traditional air conditioning system. The less energy you use to cool your home, the lower your energy bills will be. If you’re concerned about the environmental effects of energy consumption, evaporative coolers are also considered more ecologically friendly.

Evaporative Cooler Cons

Although evaporative coolers work well in Tucson’s dry climate, there are a few downsides. Evaporative coolers need more regular maintenance than air conditioners. If not regularly cleaned and maintained, moisture buildup in your cooler can cause unpleasant odors and promote mold growth. Because it adds humidity to the air, running your evaporative cooler constantly can cause your home feel sticky and less comfortable, rather than improving comfort. Additionally, evaporative coolers require a steady supply of water to maintain adequate cooling. The higher cost of water in desert areas can be prohibitive if you have a large evaporative cooler or need to run it constantly to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. With the higher humidity during Tucson’s monsoon season, the coolers don’t cool very well. They take that humid outside air, pump it with more moisture, and blow that sticky warm air into the house.

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