Reasons to Use Surge Protectors in Your Home

Surge protectors, also called surge suppressors, are handy devices that every home should have. In fact, heating and cooling technicians regularly recommend them to protect expensive appliances like central air conditioners. Here’s why. 

Function of Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are built to handle the excess power that can sometimes surge through the electrical system. Otherwise, these power surges can inflict substantial damage to any electronics devices and appliances hooked up to the system. They work by monitoring the level of voltage that’s present. When a spike in voltage is detected, the surge protector uses its pressure-sensitive valve to re-route that excess energy so that it isn’t able to reach any connected appliances.

Risks of Going Without a Surge Protector

The average central air conditioning system can cost several thousand dollars to purchase and install. If you leave it unprotected, it’s vulnerable to electrical surges. This is a particular concern for homeowners and commercial building owners in the Tucson area, as lightning strikes are quite common during monsoon season. A cooling system damaged by electrical surges may require expensive repairs or complete replacement. And it isn’t just your AC that’s at risk. Every appliance in your home connected to power could be damaged or destroyed by electrical surges—from your computer to your fridge.

Frequency of Electrical Surges

You might think that electrical surges are few and far between. But actually, they’re quite common. The lightning strikes during storms in monsoon season are only one potential cause of power surges. More commonly, power surges happen when high-power electrical devices—like air conditioners—are turned on. It takes a considerable amount of energy to power up an AC. Every time you switch it on, there is a sudden, sharp rise in the demand for power. Sometimes, this can lead to a power surge, which may damage the sensitive equipment.

Here at B & J Refrigeration Inc. – Heating and Cooling, our technicians strongly recommend surge protection to all of our residential and commercial clients. Protect your investments from electrical surges and lightning strikes with an AC surge protector or whole house surge protector. To find out more, you can call our office in Tucson at (520) 355-4857.