Leaving for Vacation? Here’s What to Do with Your Heating and Cooling System

Vacation season is back! If you’re one of the many Tucson-area residents who are fleeing the scorching summer sun for more moderate temperatures elsewhere, there are a few things you need to do before you depart. In addition to getting your mail held at the post office, you should double-check the various components of your heating and cooling system.

Decide whether to turn the AC off.

If you’re only leaving for two to three days, it may be best to leave your cooling system on. However, turn the thermostat up by about 5 degrees. Otherwise, when you return home, you’ll likely turn the thermostat down considerably lower than usual in an attempt to cool off your hot house faster. This places an excessive burden on your cooling system. Invest in a programmable thermostat. You’ll be able to program your home to begin cooling down at a moderate pace before you arrive back in Tucson.

Check the air filter.

If you’ll be leaving your cooling system on, you should check the air filter before you leave. A dirty air filter will decrease efficiency and wear and tear on your system. Either replace it or clean it, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Install a surge protector.

Your home is likely your biggest investment, and your air conditioner is a considerable investment too. Protect them with an AC or whole house surge protector. It’ll prevent damage due to lightning strikes, which is always a concern in Arizona during monsoon season.

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