How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Refrigerator

More efficient commercial refrigeration helps you save money and protects the environment, and it can keep your refrigerator around longer. Don’t store things on top of your fridge or leave the door open when you take things out, and bump up the temperature if it’s unnecessarily cold. Read on for more on increasing your refrigerator’s efficiency.

Keep the Top Clear

You don’t want to experience heat loss in some appliances, but it can be helpful for your refrigerator. Some refrigerators emit heat from the top of the unit, which helps the interior stay cool without using as much energy. When you stack things on top of the refrigerator, this heat becomes trapped and the fridge must work harder to maintain a cool temperature. This brings your efficiency down and your energy bills up, so don’t put cereal boxes or containers on top of the fridge.

Don’t Leave the Door Open

It can be a pain to have to dig through the refrigerator to find what you’re looking for, and it wastes energy as well. Try to open and close the door quickly so the cool air stays in the fridge rather than dissipating out into the room. Close the refrigerator door as soon as you find the ingredients you need, and never walk away from the fridge with the door left open.

Increase the Temperature

Your refrigerator doesn’t have to be set at freezing cold temperatures to keep your food fresh. If you have some wiggle room, increase the temperature by a few degrees. This will be easier to maintain, and your fridge won’t sap as much energy or money.

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