Why Ice Is Such a Big Deal in Bars

The quality of your ice might not be a huge deal at a barbecue in your backyard, but when you run a bar, you have to be much more concerned with your ice situation. You’ll be serving a lot of drinks to a lot of different people, and you want your drinks to be as delicious as possible, so your customers will tell their friends. Here’s a brief look at why ice is such a big deal in bars.

High Volume of Drinks

Have you ever planned a huge party for your family and friends? If you have, you know how important it is to have a plentiful amount of drinks ready to serve. No matter how big that party may have been, the average bar probably goes through a great deal more beverages in a weekend. In order to serve every waiting customer with a refreshing beverage, you need a significant amount of ice. In addition, the ice needs to be of decent quality.

Quality Cocktails

The quality of your ice will directly affect the quality of your cocktails. Some people drink their beverages quickly, while others like to take it slow. The slower drinkers will likely have their ice melt in their drinks, and if the ice is made from subpar water, this will make the beverages less enjoyable. For bars, ice is a matter of both quality and quantity.

Bar Reputation

No matter how established your bar is, your reputation is always on the line. If you serve drinks with bad ice, word will get around eventually. Then your traffic might slow down, which means your revenue will drop as well.


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