How to Protect Your Heating and Cooling System from Local Pests

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No one wants pests in their home, but Arizona is full of them. From tiny ants to destructive pack rats, there are a lot of critters that can damage your property. While pests inside the kitchen are probably the most noticeable ones, it’s also possible for pests to get inside your heating and cooling system. Here’s what heating and cooling technicians want you to know about keeping those pests at bay.

Install flue and vent covers.

Flue pipes are used to safely vent combustion byproducts from the furnace to the outside of the home. If these pipes become blocked by dead mice, chipmunks, or birds, the toxic carbon monoxide will be forced backward and into the home. This can be life-threatening for the family. Have a heating and cooling technician install a cover on all flue pipes. Covers are also a good idea for exterior vents and intakes, which are a favorite place for pests of all kinds to make their home.

Protect the exterior air conditioning unit.

The exterior component of your central air conditioner can sustain damage from small animals, such as rodents. These pests may scratch, chew, and urinate on the various components of the unit. It’s best to take a proactive approach. Make the area unattractive to rodents by clearing away all vegetation. If you suspect small animals have already eliminated their bowels or bladders on or near the unit, scrub it thoroughly with a cleanser to discourage other animals from following the scent. (Remember to wear gloves!) You might also consider using a rat repellent in the area and ask B & J Refrigeration – Heating and Cooling to install Pack Rat protection guards.

Seal your ductwork.

You can have a heating and cooling technician seal up your ductwork. This will discourage mice, insects, and other pests from taking advantage of the cracks, gaps, and disconnections that may exist in your system. It’s a good idea to schedule a duct cleaning as well, just in case you may already have dead pests inside the ductwork.

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