What Are the Essentials for Your Restaurant Kitchen?

Opening a new restaurant requires careful planning and preparation. Along with making sure that your dining area is comfortable and beautifully decorated, you will also need to build a functional and efficient kitchen space. A company that offers commercial refrigeration can provide you with the refrigeration that you need to keep your fresh items cold. Read on for an overview of some of the essential appliances that you will want to include in your restaurant kitchen.


Much of your kitchen’s meal preparation will be accomplished using a powerful range. Unlike the range that you may use at home, your commercial kitchen range will be equipped with many large burners and other professional-grade features. Depending on the preferences of your chef, you may want to invest in a high quality gas range for your kitchen space. A commercial range can also be equipped with special features, such as a grill or fryer unit.


An oven is another essential piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen. Your oven can be used to prepare baked dishes, and it may also be handy for heating up meals before they are served to your guests. If your restaurant will be offering fresh bread, pizza, and other baked goods, it might be necessary to purchase a bread oven that can heat up to high temperatures.


Proper refrigeration is critical for any commercial kitchen. Due to the high volume of food that your kitchen will be processing on a given day, it may be necessary to purchase a large, walk-in refrigeration unit for your restaurant. Purchasing a top quality refrigeration unit will boost the efficiency of your kitchen, and can also help to cut back on food waste.

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