Don’t Believe These Myths About Your HVAC System

In order to seek the proper heating and air conditioning service in Tucson, you should know what to believe and what not to believe. There are some myths out there about air filters, thermostat placement, and overall maintenance that you should debunk sooner rather than later. Continue reading to get to know the common myths about residential HVAC systems.

Your Air Filters Are Fine

A reputable heating and air conditioning service will never tell you that you can leave your air filters alone, as the opposite is true. It’s important for your energy efficiency and the working lives of your HVAC appliances to clean or replace your air filters on a regular basis. If you wait too long, the filters will become saturated with dirt and debris, forcing your HVAC units to work harder than they should.

It Doesn’t Matter Where Your Thermostat Is

The location of your thermostat is important, and anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed. The thermostat analyzes the air surrounding it to determine whether your furnace or air conditioner should turn on or off. This means that if you keep your thermostat near a window that lets in plenty of sunshine, the heat from the sun could affect the reading on your unit and the functioning of your HVAC systems.

You Don’t Need Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial if you want your HVAC systems to stay in top shape. Even if nothing seems wrong, you need to stay on top of your heating and cooling appliances to make sure everything stays in working order. You can also set up a service plan with your HVAC professional and stick to a firm schedule.

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