Common Questions About Swamp Coolers

If you want to stay cool at home without replacing your current air conditioner, then you might be thinking about adding a swamp cooler to your household. Swamp coolers have several important benefits, but they are not ideal for everybody. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about swamp coolers.

How does a swamp cooler work?

A swamp cooler is a type of appliance that cools air using evaporated water. It works by bringing outside air into your home with a fan. Along the way, the air moves over damp cooling pads, which are kept constantly wet with a pump. The pads cool the air, and the heat in the air causes the water in the pads to evaporate. Finally, the damp, cool air moves into your home.

Is a swamp cooler like a portable air conditioner?

While many consumers think of these two devices as being similar or even equivalent, they are very different. An air conditioner can actually make your home cooler by altering the temperature. Swamp coolers can make a room feel cooler than it is, which will make it more comfortable to sit in. However, they do not actually lower the temperature to any significant degree.

Is a swamp cooler any different than an electric fan?

While electric fans can help make a room more comfortable by providing an artificial breeze, they do not make the air cooler. A swamp cooler does make the air immediately around it cooler, so it can provide greater relief from the heat.

What climate is a swamp cooler best suited for?

Swamp coolers are not recommended for humid climates, because they can make your indoor air too moist. A swamp cooler works best in a hot, dry area such as Arizona.

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