How B&J Refrigeration Helps with New Construction Projects

78633831At B&J Refrigeration, we do much more than service your heating and cooling systems. We also work with architects, contractors, homeowners, and business owners while they work through construction projects to ensure that everything is done right with new mechanical systems. Keep reading to learn more about our work with new construction projects.

We Offer Support

When working with people focusing on a new construction project, we offer all of our support to the contractors and homeowners. We are always there to ensure that the finished project comes complete with quality, safe, and cost-effective mechanical systems. No matter what the building team needs to install a quality and functional mechanical system, we are there to help them do it right.

We Help with the Layout

We also work with architects and contractors to find the best layout and design for the mechanical system. With this effort, we can ensure that the finished building has a mechanical system that is as functional as possible. This includes looking into the underground and overhead ductwork. Our experts work closely with the building team to find the perfect location for all of the parts to make the mechanical system as functional as possible.

We Install Fresh Air Systems

B&J Refrigeration also installs fresh air systems during new construction projects. If you are planning to build a new structure, enlist our help to get the fresh air system that you need to keep the airflow in the building moving efficiently. Whether you are building a home or an office space, we are here to install the best kind of mechanical systems for your needs.

Turn to B&J Refrigeration for help with your next construction project. We also offer heating and air conditioning services in Tucson to help you keep your HVAC system functioning properly. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, call (520) 308-6722.