A Guide to Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration

Frozen Food

Commercial refrigeration in Tucson is an important aspect of a wide range of industries; for others, it is essential. You can make the most of your commercial refrigeration by affording it the proper maintenance and extending its working life. Here is a brief guide to maintaining your commercial refrigeration.

Clearing Drains

In order for your commercial refrigeration appliances to function the way they should, they must be able to drain properly. Drains allow condensation to move into a drip pan to be evaporated, but obstructed drains trap the condensation instead. The condensation then builds up and causes flooding inside the refrigerators, and the flooding may ultimately freeze and cause solid obstructions. When this situation occurs in your commercial refrigeration system, you can expect to see a drop in efficiency and performance. Fortunately you can prevent this problem from happening by regularly cleaning your refrigeration drains. Make sure food scraps and crumbs do not find their way into the drains where they can create these clogs.

Cleaning the Condenser

Your condenser is an important component of your commercial refrigeration system, so you should take good care of it in order to keep the system functioning efficiently. Your compressor coils function best when they are free of dirt, dust, and other debris. When they are plagued by these particles, however, the unit is forced to expend extra energy. You can keep your energy bills low and your condenser in working shape by cleaning it on a routine basis.

Inspecting Gaskets

Gaskets help to keep treated air sealed away in a compartment. In the case of commercial refrigeration, gaskets keep cold air inside your refrigerators and warm air out. Inspect your gaskets weekly to ensure that they are functioning at optimal efficiency. This will save you money and keep your food fresher.

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